Engagement Is Everything

Our mobile app, eNewsletters, guides, and videos deliver customized content and engaging advice, targeted to meet every life stage. See how this flexible and highly scaleable solution can make you the go-to resource for family health.

Care's Integrated Services To Meet Your Priorities


Our goal is to make your consumers' health journey as easy and rewarding as possible. Care connects you to your consumers to promote wellness and enhance satisfaction.

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Content Strategy
Evidence-based, relevant, multimedia and multiplatform. We build content that impacts behavior and satisfaction.

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Connect to your care community with eNewsletters that lead back to your providers and services.

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Care Guides
Enhance the patient experience and improve outcomes with care guides fully customized for your care and services.

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The Care2GO App
Stay with your customers 24/7. Accessible & clinically sound information with your branding in the form "Generation App" prefers. 

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Reach and Engage Your Audience


Target your care community with relevant, evidence-based content that acts as a bridge to your services and providers.

Make Connections
Attract and retain consumer families with regular touches of meaningful and actionable content for all life stages..

Meet Her Where She Is
Engage family decision-makers when and how they choose.  Multi-lingual, multi-platform, multi-media.

Enhance The Consumer Experience
Answer FAQs, help set expectations, and build confidence in you as a partner in their care.


Look Great on All Your Digital Platforms

Care's advanced platform delivers integrated content via email, online, and mobile app. All digital communications are built in mobile-friendly responsive design. 

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Why Us?


Care Publications has been crafting clinically accurate information for its clients and their consumers for more than 25 years.


Customized Content Marketing
We’re not the star of this show; you are. A branded, turn-key solution can be modified as much as you'd like to reflect your education, services, and identity standards.

Accessible To Everyone
Readling level to reach 80% of consumers. ADA compliant. Responsive design. Multiple languages. Print or digital.  

Engaging Design And Voice
In a world of drab medical spam, Care's conversational voice makes health information as easy as a talk with a trusted friend.



Our Specialties


For every life stage. Along the continuum of care.


Population Health

Move entire care communities toward healthier behaviors and habits.

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Connect with young families when they are choosing insurers, providers, and hospitals. OB is their gateway.

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Child Milestones

Stay with young families as they navigate the challenges of early childhood.

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Ready to work with us?

Let us partner with you to craft an engagement program that helps you accomplish your goals: attract consumer families, increase satisfaction, improve outcomes, and build loyalty.