Set Yourself Apart

They've been called "generation app," people below the age of 35 whose first instinct when a question arises is to pull out their smart phones. You need to occupy that piece of real estate. That's why we developed the CARE2GO(R) app for pregnancy and child care. 

A platform designed for

Hospital Systems

Provider Networks

Health Insurers and Retailers

Care Guides

For over 25 years we've provided comprehensive care guide information for pregnancy and mother-baby.

Now that valuable advice is presented in mobile apps for patients (with a companion online version for clinicians and educators). Easy navigation includes a simple toggle to change languages.



Step-by-step advice for each week of pregnancy and extending to monthly child milestones.

A bridge to care guides or other trusted resources for more information. Integrates with companion eNewsletters.

View our sample here.

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Connect - Quick Links

All your resources at her fingertips - providers, virtual tour, classes, phone numbers, maps, breastfeeding support, community services, etc.

Our Features 


We Make It Yours

Comes to you branded and customized in the app store and on her phone.

Multi-media Learners

Videos on some topics show what we tell. You can highlight your own YouTube videos.

Easy Navigation

A pocket bridge to your services and the comprehensive health advice she needs.

Language Access

Multi-lingual. Change languages with a simple toggle. (EN, ES, AR, others on request.)

Instant Update

Care guide content can be updated instantly, at any time.

Extended Access

Extend audiences for languages, reading levels, and ADA standards for visually impaired.

On All Devices!

Web App, iOS & Android

By adopting CARE2GO you’re providing tools that attract young families to your services. You help them deliver healthy babies, closer to term, with fewer readmits - and with higher patient satisfaction. You turn a 2-day stay into a 5-year conversation

Ready to work with us?

Let us partner with you to craft an engagement program that helps you accomplish your goals: attract consumer families, increase satisfaction, improve outcomes, and build loyalty.