Care Guides

Enhance the patient experience and improve outcomes with care guides that offer instructional images and videos, in addition to fully customized content about care at your facility.

Our comprehensive out-of-the-box care guide content can be customized to your services and patient instructions. Or use your own care guides and print materials on our platform to extend your reach and penetration. Support clinical instruction with an online version of the guides that can be used in classes, patient consults, or bedside instruction. Provide answers to frequently asked questions to free up staff time. Reinforce patient consults with easy-to-find information in guides that they can take with them. Our clinically-reviewed content is continuously updated to meet the latest evidence-based guidelines. 

Pregnancy and Mother-Baby Care Guides set expectations and encourage young families to choose your providers and services.

Admissions Care Guides put information, such as maps, services, admission and discharge procedures, and hospital contacts in the hands of patients. Other care guides can focus on specific health events or life stages. 


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