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Obstetrics is the highest volume hospital discharge across the country. Millennials are now America’s largest generation. 

Boost engagement with this mobile-friendly audience. Your custom CARE2GO app puts comprehensive multi-media care guide content at her fingertips, along with weekly timeline tips, and links to services, maps, classes, and community resources. 

Connect with young families when they are first planning a pregnancy and choosing providers and hospitals. OB is their gateway to provider preference.

Help when help is needed to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction. Deliver messages that coincide with prenatal care visits. Follow through with information that's most relevant at her stage of pregnancy, timed to her due date. Support both mother and child through pregnancy, delivery, and up to the first four years of the baby’s life.

Help get your families off to the best possible start with our Baby-Friendly and Safe Sleep compliant content.


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